Sample API Client

Lastline provides a sample python implementation of a client for the Lastline PAPI.

This package is made available to Lastline users under a permissive license to make it easier for them to make use of or integrate with the Lastline PAPI.


The sample python API clients can be downloaded here.


Possible use-cases for the sample PAPI client include:

  • explore PAPI functionality interactively in an ipython shell
  • view or adapt example scripts that use the PAPI client
  • include the papi_client module in python code implementing a custom integration with the Lastline PAPI
  • use this as an example for implementing a PAPI client/integration in a different programming langautge


Included in this distribution are:

  • papi_client.ini.template:

    Template configuration file

  • papi_client/:

    General PAPI client functionality

  • papi_client/api/:

    modules implementing individual views of the PAPI

  • papi_client_test/:

    unit tests

  • scripts/

    interactive PAPI client shell

  • examples:

    sample scripts making use of the PAPI client


The Lastline PAPI client requires:

  • python 2.6 or 2.7.
  • The python requests module (version 2 or above).
  • To use the interactive shell scripts/, the ipython module is also required.