Lastline Network and Email Defender On-Premises Release Notes

Version 9.7.3


After August 31, 2023, Pinbox and Analyst appliances will no longer be supported by VMware. If you are currently using a Pinbox or Analyst appliance, please review the following VMware KB article:

Detection Improvements

  • LLAM-10241: Improved detection of PolyRansom malware
  • LLAM-10328: Improved detection of malwares related to 3CS Supply Chain Attack

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • FEAT-8080: OS updates now include Ubuntu Expanded Security Maintenance (ESM) updates for the Bionic 18.04.6 OS. To continue receiving support and patches for Bionic, please update appliances to this version. For information on ESM updates, review the following VMware KB article:

Deprecation of API Methods

No additional API methods are being deprecated or discontinued in this release.

The Lastline API documentation includes a deprecation schedule for methods in the legacy API, as well as information on how to replace usage of these deprecated methods with supported methods.

Released Appliance Versions

As part of this release, we are making available the following versions of Lastline appliances for use with Lastline Enterprise On-Premises:

  • Lastline Manager version 1140.3
  • Lastline Engine version 1140.3
  • Lastline Data Node version 1140.3
  • Lastline Sensor version 1334
  • Lastline All-in-one (Pinbox) version 1140.3

Released Sandbox Images Versions

The sandbox images version will remain at 2022-07-16-01.

Distribution Upgrade

Version 9.4.5 was the final version to support Ubuntu Xenial as our operating system distribution. In order to upgrade to 9.7.3, you must be running Bionic as the operating system distribution.

You can check the distribution in use by an appliance in the Appliance Status view of the portal. The "Base Distribution" listed should be "bionic". If it is "xenial", the appliance distribution needs to be upgraded.

For help on the upgrade process, please refer to the following instructions. This update is not done automatically to prevent unexpected downtime.

9.7.2 9.7.4