Getting Started

The Lastline API is a web-based API. To get started, you will need to request a set of credentials for accessing the API from Lastline.

The API is reachable at:


and supports two different different forms of authentication: License-based and account-based authentication.

On-premise customers can access the Lastline API on their Manager or Analyst at

https://user.<MANAGER HOST NAME>/papi/

An up-to-date version of this documentation can be browsed at https://user.lastline.com/papi-doc/api/html/overview.html

API Modules

The Lastline API is a collection of various sub-modules, each offering different services. Each service requires an appropriate license.

The Lastline API is accessible at:


All API modules share the same authentication mechanism, which is described in Authentication.

Each API module is described in a separate chapter: